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  • admin - Wednesday 2 December 2020 11:08
    As with most assignments, I tried several approaches before settling on the final one.  I was inspired by Duane Michels' planning a narrative and photographing the story. 

    Since we have preemptively self-quarantined in March Lynne has prepared every lunch and dinner.  Except for special meals we have eaten on trays while watching streaming on our TV.  On December 1 Lynne dry-fried naan from scratch and fixed shrimp curried with individual spices over rice with a cucumber/corn/tomato salad.  We watched Expedition Happiness on Netflix.  My narrative was to show the sequence of my tray as the meal progressed.  

    I photographed my tray with my smart phone at stages of the meal.  I selected nine images and straightened them in Camera Raw.  I imported the images as layers in Photoshop, converted the layers to Smart Objects, and rough-sized and placed them in a 3x3 grid.  I picked a size for each image and margins all around the images and the grid.  I resized the canvas to fit.  I used Transform to tweak the size of each image and positioned it in the grid.  I added a white background layer.  I duplicated the file, flattened it, and saved as jpeg quality 12.  I used Bridge and camera raw to adjust highlights and contrast and exported as jpeg 9 for submittal.